The Investment Objective

To create wealth in excess of inflation by investing in stocks, bonds and 100% no load/low load, no transaction fee mutual funds from major mutual fund companies.

Investment Affiliation

Financial Freedom, LLC is a member of the Fidelity Investment Advisor Group. In addition to providing our clients with cutting edge technology, comprehensive management information and superb customer service, Fidelity provides a complete menu of financial products including stocks, index funds, ETF (exchange traded funds), individual bonds and over 4,000 no load, no transaction fee stock and bond mutual funds.

Separately Managed/Individual Accounts

Each client's account is an Individually Managed Account. Having individually managed accounts allows us to tailor the asset allocation and portfolio diversification to your specific needs. Other advantages of an individually managed account include the potential for tax efficiency, and the ability to include or exclude a specific stock or mutual fund.

Research Methodology, Risk, Volatility & Performance Analysis

We utilize the Morningstar Rating System to insure that we maximize return while minimizing risk. This system allows us to analyze and track the risk adjusted performance of each fund that we use. Morningstar provides our computer with a monthly performance update on almost 15,000 mutual funds. Ask us for a report outlining the specific resources that we utilize to research and select appropriate investments.

Asset Allocation

We allocate assets between equities, fixed income and cash based on each client's age and financial objectives, with special concern for each client's "sleep comfort level" (aversion to risk). We continually monitor and adjust these variables based on changes in the economy, and opportunities in the stock market. We diversify the overall portfolio by making sure that the fixed income and equity segments of the portfolio are well diversified. In diversifying the fixed income portfolio we would consider using Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS), Ginny Mae's (GNMA'S), Corporate Bonds, Fixed Annuities and Bond Index Funds. We diversify the equity portion of the portfolio by using six asset classes (Large cap, Small and Mid Cap, International, Energy/Natural Resources and Real Estate).

Active vs. Passive Asset Allocation

Economic developments and market psychology continue to change. Let's discuss the benefits of active asset allocation.

How Do We Evaluate Our Investment Management Performance

Our overall business strategy is to add value to the relationship and be considered an investment, as opposed to just another expense. On an annual basis we will provide each client with an annual performance package. This package will recap all of the comprehensive financial planning that we have provided during the year. Additionally, we will compare a client's actual portfolio returns (after deduction for our fees) to appropriate industry benchmarks. This performance package allows the client to determine whether we have a win-win relationship that has added value to them and their lives.

Examples of some Mutual Fund Companies used by Financial Freedom, LLC

  • Fidelity Investments
  • The Vanguard Group
  • Third Avenue
  • Dodge & Cox
  • Davis Funds
  • T. Rowe Price Funds
  • Oakmark Funds



The transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is increasing and projections are that this trend will accelerate at a substantial pace during the next 15 years. To maximize the wealth transfer process, Financial Firms (Fidelity Investments) and Investment Management/Wealth Management firms (Financial Freedom, LLC) have combined their skills to make available a comprehensive cost effective strategy to achieve an appropriate wealth transfer/estate planning strategy.

Fidelity Offers a Wide Range of Trustee Services

Fidelity offers at least four specific Trustee Services as a part of the package that is available to our Financial Freedom, LLC clients. This comprehensive approach allows our clients and their attorneys to work with the Fidelity Trust Attorneys in establishing a trust relationship that fits each clients specific estate planning & trust requirements.