A Coordinated Approach To Help You Achieve Your Life Goals And Objectives

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We prepare a comprehensive financial plan and charge based on an hourly fee. We also coordinate with other professionals to insure that the plan is properly implemented. Our relationships with Estate Planning Attorneys, Insurance Professionals, CPAs and banking professionals mean our Clients are able to achieve their financial objectives by dealing with one professional. It saves our Clients a tremendous amount of time and effort in completing and implementing the various segments of the plan.

Asset Allocation, Portfolio Diversification and Investment Management

  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMA). Each Client has an individually managed account at Fidelity.
  • The Fidelity No Transaction Fee Program lets individual investors buy and sell almost 4,000 no-load mutual funds at no charge.
  • All of your accounts can be combined on one easy-to-read monthly statement.
  • Monthly reports will detail exactly where your money is invested and how your portfolio is performing. Year end tax statements are also provided for your convenience.

Retirement Planning and Retirement Income Distribution Planning

  • Our Key Question: "As nearly as you can tell, are you going to outlive your money, or is your money going to outlive you?" We utilize the latest retirement planning software including Monte Carlo Simulation to answer this most important question.

Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

  • Have you established a strategy that will result in minimizing taxes, while at the same time, providing for the distribution of assets consistent with your individual wishes?

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

  • If you are still working, have you protected your income stream, and if you are retired, have you protected the asset base that will be the major source of your income for the rest of your lives?

Financial Freedom provides Wealth Management Services. Wealth Management is much broader than simply managing investments. We all have many forms of wealth: investments, retirement accounts, real estate, collectibles, etc.

Wealth Management is the integration of financial planning and investment management for our family's wealth, whatever that may include.