Financial Freedom is a Fee-Only Wealth Management Company

We are a Wealth Management Company founded in 1983. Our Wealth Management Services include the following major areas of emphasis:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

This includes Retirement Planning, Retirement Income Distribution Planning, Estate and Charitable Giving Planning, Income Tax Planning, Insurance Analysis and Risk Management, College Education Planning, Stock Option Planning, and 401(k)/Saving Plan IRA Rollover Services.

Investment Management, Asset Allocation and Portfolio Diversification Services

Financial Freedom is a member of the Fidelity Investments Advisor Resource Program. Fidelity Investments, located in Boston, MA, is one of the largest financial services companies in the world. All of our client's assets are custodied at Fidelity, where each client has their own individual account.

What is Financial Freedom's niche? What makes us special?

We utilize value based comprehensive Fee-Only financial planning to help our clients achieve the great goals of life. We are Client centered financial advisors.

What Does Really Mean?

  • Our only compensation comes from fees charged to our clients
  • We earn NO commissions or fees on the investments and recommendations we make to you
  • We neither earn, nor pay, any referral fees or commissions


  • We can be completely objective and independent
  • A Fee-Only relationship eliminates any conflict of interest that might exist

How Do We (Financial Freedom, LLC and its Clients) Evaluate Our Overall Performance?

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
    The most effective evaluation in this category would include quality of work, sense of urgency and progress toward the achievement of overall life goals that have been established. We will also discuss how the client feels about the overall level of client service that is being provided.
  • Investment Management Performance
    Our philosophy is that paying investment management fees should be looked upon as an investment in your portfolio, and that those fees should not be an expense to the portfolio. In other words, we believe that an investment manager should add value to the portfolio in excess of fees. We utilize relevant industry benchmarks to evaluate portfolio investment results on an annual basis.